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Why use a Realtor: Sell More Quickly with Access to Additional Resources

5.1.19 | Posted in: Real Estate TipsVideo

Why use a realtor? Many people question whether it’s beneficial to use a realtor or if it makes more sense to sell themselves and save on the commission that would typically go to a realtor. Judy actually sold her first property on her own and knows that for sale by owner is a viable option for many people. As a group, we also know that many people are stressed when they enter the process of buying or selling their home and would rather not have to juggle all the paperwork and “legal stuff” that goes along with negotiating and closing on a home.

Here, Grant provides some insight into the abundance of resources available to professional real estate agents that can help sell your home more quickly than trying to sell on your own.

Why use a realtor?: Agents have access to the MLS

Websites like Zillow and Trulia aren’t always accurate and many times the homes listed are already sold or are under contract to close. This can be frustrating for buyers in particular. These sites also see a lot of traffic from the general public who may not necessarily be the most qualified buyers or are just browsing what’s out there. Real estate agents have access to the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) where all agents add their active listings. A new feature that just launched is the “coming soon” feature where agents can pre-market homes getting ready to list.

Why use a realtor?: Access to Edina Realty Interweb (Network One)

One great feature of The Craig Group having the backing of Edina Realty and the largest real estate group in the country, Home Services, is the ability for us to access our own interweb of listings. This allows us to connect with other Edina agents to pre-market your home and find homes which best fit your criteria through another avenue.

Why use a realtor?: Access to Local Closed Facebook Groups

The Craig Group is also a part of several closed Facebook groups where we can network with other agents in the area to pre-market your home to legitimate potential buyers or search for homes meeting your requirements. This can be a great way to find homes that maybe aren’t even on the market because the owners weren’t planning to sell or are on the fence about selling.

Utilizing a licensed real estate agent can save you so much time and headaches throughout the whole process from buying to selling. If you’re thinking of listing or are looking to buy, please connect with us and we would love to help! You can also fill out our Buyer Profile or Seller Profile to provide us with some more information on how we can help.