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Market Update

Coronavirus Emergency Loans

SMALL BUSINESS HELP (CARES ACT): A Guild for Small Business

4.2.20 | Posted in: CommunityHomeowner TipsMarket UpdateTips

We’re in this together and if you own a small business, here’s what you NEED to know about and how you can apply for CASH through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act. $350 BILLION dollars has been allocated to help businesses across the country right now. Not to mention, payroll loans which […]

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clear cooperation

New Clear Cooperation Rule Protects Buyers and Sellers

3.4.20 | Posted in: Market UpdateTalk with JudyTips for BuyersTips for SellersVideo

We have reached a point in real estate where technology can both help or hurt buyers and sellers. As a Realtor with 25+ years of experience under my belt, it has always been a focus of mine to put clients first while helping them make smart real estate decisions. This is why The Craig Group […]

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St. Croix Valley Real Estate Market Update – Q1 2020

2.4.20 | Posted in: Market UpdateTips for BuyersTips for SellersVideo

We’ll be honest, this market update is a bit of a snoozer because not much has changed. We are still low on home inventory, buyer demand is high, and rates are predicted to stay low. What that being said, we dug up some interesting information on the types of buyers and their home buying patterns. […]

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Consumer Confidence Market Update

Consumer Confidence Remains High in Real Estate Market Update

10.10.19 | Posted in: Homeowner TipsMarket UpdateTips for Sellers

We’re now in Q4 of 2019 and consumer confidence is high as we head into this market update. One thing that many clients are asking me is, “how are these China and trade tariffs going to affect the housing market?” From this also comes, “should I sell now or wait until Spring?” These are all […]

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accepting the right offer

St. Croix Valley Real Estate Market Update – June, 2019

6.21.19 | Posted in: Market UpdateReal Estate TipsVideo

It’s the Wild West out here in the local St. Croix Valley real estate market right now. Demand is still high and supply is at a significant low with it being our second lowest inventory balance of homes on the market from the last 5 years. Listings are down 10% and sales are down 13% […]

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Judy Craig HGTV vs. Reality

St. Croix Valley Real Estate Market Update – February, 2019

2.20.19 | Posted in: Market UpdateReal Estate TipsVideo

  We are currently in Q1 of 2019 and still have a very favorable real estate market update here in the St. Croix Valley! I often hear that winter isn’t the best time to list, but on the contrary, it can give a seller an advantage in the market with less competition. We also see […]

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St. Croix Valley Real Estate Market Update – October, 2018

10.29.18 | Posted in: Market UpdateReal Estate TipsVideo

  This last Quarter, I had the opportunity to attend a national real estate conference where I was able to pick up many great facts on market trends and how to better market my client’s listings. Here is your fall 2018 market update: 95th Month of Job Growth When we think about job growth, this […]

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Summer 2018 Market Update

St. Croix Valley Real Estate Market Update – June, 2018

6.28.18 | Posted in: Market UpdateReal Estate TipsVideo

  As we move into a busy summer market, we wanted to share some insight as to what we are seeing in our area with current listings. Homes are moving fast, so as a buyer you will likely have to compete with other offers and as a seller, you want to think about how to […]

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St. Croix Valley Real Estate Market Update – November, 2017

11.16.17 | Posted in: Market UpdateReal Estate TipsVideo

It’s Fall here in the Midwest and I wanted to provide you with my 2017 Fall Real Estate Market Update. Here are a few topics that you need to know about now: Rates Right now, our rates are still super low and a lot of this has to do with the problems happening in North Korea […]

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